DIY Lead Generation

This page is dedicated to do-it-yourself lead generation resources and tools. If you’re not yet ready for to employ a lead generation company, or if you’ve had questionable results in the past, then the internet is your friend!

Lead generation hasn’t been this easy, ever. But you need to know about traffic, conversion and technology in order to get started and harness the power of online lead generation.

Local Lead Plan

Local lead generation is where you might want to start. The problem is, there is are very few good sources of information about the topic.

That all changed recently with the Local Lead Plan. This is a complete course on local lead generation from the ground up.

Everything from the top niches, landing page templates, traffic sources, sample contracts, invoices, sales proposals, pay per call and more.

The guy who wrote the course, Chad Frederiksen, is one of those under the radar guys who has been quietly making a killing and building up a local lead gen empire the last 4 years. Now he has taken all that knowledge and built the first complete local lead gen guide that anyone can follow.

Check it out, this thing is the real deal.